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 T he Detmold 3-Step Process in 4 Variations, A Comparative Study           George Mahaffey, July 3, 2022                        youtube: The Unabaker Abstract The Detmold Process is a precise method for building a sourdough levain in three-stages. It was developed by the Max Rubner-Institut in Detmold, Germany. The process follows very specific stage development parameters for dough hydration, proportions of levain used as inoculant, the fermentation times & temperatures for each stage, as well as, the amount of acidified flour minimally required in the Final Dough formula. In addition, the MRI process includes data for acidity ยบ, and for pH of the sourdough and the Final Dough.  The basic premise of the method is to fully develop the micro-biome of the sourdough ingredient in the Final Dough by designing each of the preceding stages to emphasize a singular aspect: Stage 1, robust yeast development; Stage 2, Acetic acid profile; and Stage 3, the Lactic acid profile. The th
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The Kitchen Formula Calculator v3

The Kitchen Formula Calculator v3 is a formula writing tool I developed in 2020. It’s specifically designed for recipes that cooks, not bakers, make. In other words, everything, but bread. It provides an efficient format for composing recipes, is easy to read, and using it quickly becomes second nature after a few entries. The Kitchen Formula Calculator is a record keeping device, a recipe development tool, and an analytical tool. To be able to compare various similar formulae is something all cooks do. For this, it’s exceptional.   If you’re a culinary instructor, using The Kitchen Formula Calculator teaches the metric system, the virtues of singular units of measure, describes a very useful recipe formatting style that can serve students their entire careers, and could be a central part of a course that teaches proper recipe writing skills. If this is not part of the syllabus, it ought to be. If you write commercial articles, or make professional seminar presentations, it will help