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About This Blog

The Unabaker Speaks is the record of my ongoing explorations, and observations regarding the craft of cooking with a primary though not exclusive focus upon pastry making, bread craft, the elements of bread science, and world bread making traditions. The Unabaker Speaks is dedicated to sharing knowledge, and teaching beginners.

I have no monetary goals with this blog. There are no advertisements. I do not make endorsements, or accept anything for mentioning another person's work. I only attend to the blog on occasions when the mood strikes, or the weather is not conducive for work outside, or for riding my bike. The Unabaker Speaks is simply a place to park some thoughts and writings, to record and display, and encourage others the use of my Kitchen, Bread and Bake Shop calculating tools. Those tools are unique and useful. If anything at all comes from this blog, making them available to any interested cook or baker is enough. Sharing knowledge, and suggesting better ways to do the same thing is always part of The Unabaker syllabus. 

I hope to provide an undiluted account of my personal experience, trials and errors, and the values that emerged from a forty-year professional and personal quest. As a student of Philosophy and Logic, a writer and traveler, Unabaker has a different take on the art and craft of cooking and baking, its trends, and the industry that allows it to flourish. His unique, sometimes humorous perspective regarding the important role these play in the overall intellectual and emotional well-being of a community is displayed in these pages.

As the site develops, so too a catalogue of kitchen recipes and baker's formulae, along with practical suggestions, expert tips and detailed methodology. Articles focused upon specific aspects of the craft, as well as book reviews, and unvarnished reports of my personal cooking and baking projects will be continuous, if intermittent, threads. Since I reside in Thailand, occasional rambles relating to how to bake when it gets really, really hot, reports of travels, observations about Thai culture and cuisine, and why it's taken me almost 10 years in that happy kingdom to achieve bare functional literacy will hopefully provide less demanding, and perhaps amusing reading.

The Unabaker Speaks honors the memory, the efforts, and the friendship of all of those who have toiled alongside. 


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The Kitchen Formula Calculator v3

The Kitchen Formula Calculator v3 is a formula writing tool I developed in 2020. It’s specifically designed for recipes that cooks, not bakers, make. In other words, everything, but bread. It provides an efficient format for composing recipes, is easy to read, and using it quickly becomes second nature after a few entries. The Kitchen Formula Calculator is a record keeping device, a recipe development tool, and an analytical tool. To be able to compare various similar formulae is something all cooks do. For this, it’s exceptional.   If you’re a culinary instructor, using The Kitchen Formula Calculator teaches the metric system, the virtues of singular units of measure, describes a very useful recipe formatting style that can serve students their entire careers, and could be a central part of a course that teaches proper recipe writing skills. If this is not part of the syllabus, it ought to be. If you write commercial articles, or make professional seminar presentations, it will help

Birth of The Unabaker

For years, the Chef resisted all of McDoo's entreaties and cajoling. The pleading and rationalizing, the gentler persuasions, as well, the occasional conversation ending throwaway commentary about hard headedness, willfulness, and "stubbornosity" (a classic McDooism). All efforts of his longtime friend waved away with only bare considerations given. But, McDoo, stranger he was not to the old Chef's grumpy self assurance, persisted. Eventually, even boulders crumble, he reasoned. "Dammit Baker! What a pity? What luminous dumbness? What selfishness? How grossly inconsiderate, this hardness of heart! Damn your stoic intransigence! A pall upon kindness and duty! What about History, Philosophy, Art? What of Science, Aesthetics? How does Gastronomy carry on? Your place in the pantheon? What point be our petty lives if we cannot be remembered? If we cannot relinquish what we've learned?" McDoo's been known on occasions to put on grand airs; a flair for th

The Unabaker Waits Here

A rustic cottage, cliff side, overlooks a quiet cove. It's hot, but a tempering monsoon wind abides, giving a final push to waves that lash his tattered seawall. It's a charming old place, wrapped in exotic flora, salt air, and sun, but in a state of slow decay. Vibrant despite being rarely groomed, terraced hillside gardens descend to the rocky strand below. The breeze carries scents of Leelawadee, wet rocks, and the sweet pungency of overripe fruit. Solitary amidst the gardens, a Moringa tree. Gnarled limbs twist, rise, and dive, its branches laden with long bean like pods. Some have fattened and turned brown; others have burst. Large seeds litter the embankment below, making a feast for the birds and black squirrels. Tiny green leaves turn yellow without regard for season, and fall continuously. They drift into his workshop below. The Moringa is home for a russet chested Coucal. Its distinctive whooping wakes him. On the lee side of the old fort, as he calls it, there&#